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Folate, also known vitamin B9, is one of many essential vitamins needed for copying and synthesizing DNA, producing new cells, and supporting nerve and immune functions. As a water-soluble B vitamin, it’s naturally present in some foods, added to others, and in Trѐvo in the form of folic acid.

Studies show that a diet high in folate-rich foods can help support cellular health, heart health, and cognitive health as well as a number of other valuable health benefits. Folic acid also encourages normal fetal development. In fact, folic acid, calcium, and iron have long been considered the trinity of prenatal wellness.

Most health professionals agree that adults need about 400 micrograms daily, which is exactly the amount of folic acid present in each delicious one-ounce serving of Trѐvo.
So, where does folate come from? Spinach, collard greens, kale, turnip greens and romaine lettuce are all known to provide an immediate boost in folic acid. In fact, one large plate of these delicious leafy greens will fulfill nearly all of your daily folate needs. That said, very few people actually sit down to a huge plate of spinach every day.

The good news is that Trѐvo contains a wide spectrum of 100% vegetarian nutrients that are known to be rich in folate. In addition to spinach and kale, Trѐvo offers the folate-rich health benefits of:

• Asparagus – Out of the entire vegetable kingdom, asparagus is one of the most nutrient dense foods with folic acid.
• Broccoli – Broccoli is one of the best detox foods you can eat, and it’s a rich source of folic acid.
•Brussels sprouts – There is no denying that Brussels sprouts are one of the best foods for folic acid. Brussels sprouts are also high in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, and potassium.
•Cauliflower – This cruciferous vegetable is typically regarded as one of the best vitamin C foods, but it’s also a great source of folic acid.
• Citrus fruits – Many fruits contain folic acid, and citrus fruits rank the highest. Oranges are an especially rich source of folic acid. Other folate-rich fruits included in Trѐvo are papaya, grapefruit, and raspberries.

There you have it. In addition to its cornucopia of health-giving nutrients for your whole body, Trѐvo is also a rich and very bioavailable source for your bodys daily folate needs

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can be produced in the body through sun exposure or consumed in food or supplements.

However, it is estimated that vitamin D produced by the sun has a half-life of only two weeks, meaning that stores can easily run low, especially in winter. Recent studies have suggested that up to 50% of adults and children worldwide are vitamin D deficient.

Adequate vitamin D intake is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and is suggested to supply a protective effect in connection with a number of today’s health issues. For example, if your body does not get enough vitamin D, you are at risk of developing bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) or fragile bones (osteoporosis).

Vitamin D has multiple roles in the body, helping to:

  • ·         Maintain the health of bones and teeth
  • ·         Support the health of the immune system, brain and nervous system
  • ·         Regulate insulin levels and support healthy blood sugar levels
  • ·         Support lung function and cardiovascular health
  • ·         What other benefits might vitamin D offer?

According to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology 65th Annual Scientific Session & Expo in Chicago, IL, daily supplementation with vitamin D may improve heart function. According to Dr. Klaus Witte of the University of Leeds School of Medicine in the UK, and his colleagues, a daily vitamin D supplement could be beneficial for patients with heart health issues.

Research has also shown that vitamin D may play an important role in regulating mood and supporting a sense of well-being. In some studies, scientists found that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms. (1)(2)

How much vitamin D does a healthy adult typically require each day?

According to the Mayo Clinic and the Institute of Medicine, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 600 IU for those 1-70 years of age. The good news is that each and every delicious ounce of Trѐvo contains 400 IU of vitamin D. So by enjoying two ounces daily, you can rest assured that you are giving your body all the vitamin D it needs to function at its very optimum best.


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Saturday, 9 September 2017


Harnessing The Combined Power Of Multiple Nutrients
Synergy is defined as “the combined action of two or more substances or agents to achieve an effect greater than that of which each is individually capable.
In the dietary world, this phenomenon is called nutrient synergy  a case of specific nutrients working in concert to produce a health benefit that is far greater than the sum of the individual parts. Whether it is because they enhance each other’s absorption or because they have more potent physiological effects when they join forces, pairing nutrients that have a synergistic effect can help promote and support good health, energy, mental clarity, and even longevity. The right combinations of nutrients can lead to optimization for our bodies and our palates simultaneously.


Vitamin C and Iron

The synergistic effect: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) acts as a catalyst to help our bodies absorb iron better from food and from supplements. This is important because iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to every cell in your body. Without enough iron and oxygen, you’re likely to feel tired, your immune system’s ability to fight off infections will take a hit and your brain function may not be as sharp as it could or should be.

Vitamins B6, B12 And Folate
The synergistic effect: They work together synergistically to reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid, in the body. Lower homocysteine supports and helps maintain cardiovascular system health. The trio of B vitamins also helps maintain brain health and proper neurological function.

Calcium and Vitamin D

The synergistic effect: Calcium is known as the bone-building nutrient but vitamin D is absolutely essential for proper calcium absorption.
Vitamins C and E
The synergistic effect: Both have antioxidant properties, helping to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. They act as a defense system to keep the cells healthier – the combination is more effective than either is alone. Together, they also support the maintenance of circulatory and cardiovascular system health.

Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium
The synergistic effect: Every mineral affects two other nutrients it is like a ping-pong situation. In the case of these three minerals, there is a group dynamic that helps promote proper nerve function and electrolyte balance while also supporting healthy blood pressure. They do not work as well individually to positively affect blood pressure.

These are just five examples of the importance of synergy when it comes to choosing the best nutritional supplement for your family. Trevo, with its 174 carefully selected and masterfully combined ingredients, utilizes nutrient synergy to increase, enhance and empower the nutritional benefits of each and every ingredient in this fabulous, one-of-a-kind vegetarian nutritional product.

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Hello, Life and Health Coaches!

The US Corporate offices will be closed on Monday, September 4 2017, in observance of Labor Day. We will be back in the offices on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.
Thank you!
Trévo Corporate

Friday, 1 September 2017


You’ve been patiently waiting, and its finally here! Trevo Corporate is so excited to announce that France will go live as of September 1st, 2017!
Over the past few months, we have been working diligently to have our updated labeling requirements finished as soon as we can, so that Trevo can be back in the homes and businesses of our hardworking French Life and Health Coaches.  The next shipment is in the final stages of production now, and will arrive in Europe by the second week of September. To get your business ENERGIZED, we will begin taking new orders and enrollments on Friday, September 1st, so the moment the shipment arrives, you can hit the ground running with product.
We also want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone that has stood with Trevo while we were going through the processes of updating these labeling requirements. You have been patient and graceful throughout this process and because of dedicated coaches like yourself, you are building a Global Community.

-Trevo Corporate

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If you are interested to have yourself enroll as new Life and Health Coach in Trevo or to make a purchase as an Elite customer, I would be glad to assist you wherever you are in Ghana or any other part of the world.Kinldy Contact +233244271255/+233205100429.

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Did you know that high cholesterol affects around 42 million Americans? Even more alarming is the fact that globally, according to the World Health Organization, around 39% of adults aged 25 and over have raised total cholesterol levels. That translates to millions of people around the world are turning to prescription medications designed to help keep their cholesterol levels at healthy, safe levels.

But wouldn’t it be great to discover a natural way to support and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels?Figuring out which fruits, vegetables and, herbs are best can be time-consuming though, as well as a bit overwhelming. With Trévo, there is an easier way to enjoy powerful, completely vegetarian nutrients that have been proven to support and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
One of Trevo’s vegetarian ingredients is flaxseed oil, which has been shown in several studies to support healthy cholesterol levels while also helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Flaxseed oil even supports your joint health and digestive health.
An herb called alfalfa leaf is another heart healthy ingredient in Trevo. One of the important health benefits of alfalfa leaf is the role it plays in supporting and helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The fibers and chemicals in alfalfa seem to stick to cholesterol, helping to prevent it from remaining in your blood or depositing itself on the walls of your arteries.It also appears that alfalfa, when included in your diet, helps rid your body of the harmful types of cholesterol (LDL) without lowering your body’s levels of HDL (“good” cholesterol).
 There are over a dozen other powerful natural ingredients in Trévo that can help support healthy cholesterol levels, but we are only going to discuss a few more in this blog.
When it comes to supporting healthy cholesterol levels, the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may very well be true. Apples are a powerful source of fiber, an important nutrient when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Apples may prove to also be a winner when it comes to women’s heart health according to a new study of more than 34,000 women. In this study, apples were found to be one of three foods that support and help maintain cardiovascular health among post-menopausal women. By the way, the other two foods were red wine and pears. This is a great time to also mention that the nutritional value of the fabulous fruits, vegetables and herbs in Trévo is carefully protected by our cold processing manufacturing process. Cold processing keeps the food in its original healthy state to preserve its vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. Any conversation about supporting and helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels should also include the benefits of antioxidants. The fact is that, when taken daily, vitamin C, vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and selenium  which are all ingredients in Trévo.

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