Thursday, 14 January 2016

We Are Thrilled to Introduce "Trévo Elite"

As you know, Trévo is committed to fresh, forward thinking in everything we do. As further evidence of that commitment, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our new retail program, Trévo Elite! 

The Trévo Elite program, which allows you and your entire team to earn commissions from retail sales, will roll out on January 18, 2016 and will feature Trévo as a standalone product available for purchase by anyone, regardless of business participation. By becoming an Elite Subscriber, customers will be able to purchase Trévo in 1-bottle, 2-bottle, 4-bottle and 6-bottle quantities on a monthly basis at a discounted price. Trévo 2Go's will also be available in packages of 15 or 30.

As part of this program, any Elite Customer who refers another Elite Customer will receive three Trévo 2Go's FREE in their next order! That's right, a $12 value absolutely FREE when a customer uses your customer ID in the referral space on their online purchases OR uses the "buy now" option on your personal site!

Plus, any Elite Customer that you enroll will be placed on your first generation, including those referred by your existing Elite Customers. So not only will you be able to sell Trévo as a standalone product, you will be able to earn great commissions on all eight (8) generations! 

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