Trévo 365, the promotion that rewards you for encouraging others to make Trévo their very own lifestyle product, is back with potential for even GREATER rewards!Introducing Trévo 365 Recharged, the newest promotion that gives you TWO opportunities to earn your AutoShip FREE each month! All you have to do is share with others the remarkable benefits of making Trévo a part of their lives each and every day. That’s right! This time around, we are rewarding you for building your team and enrolling four or more people in a month OR simply encouraging five or more people to make Trévo a part of their everyday lives! Or better yet, do BOTH and win DOUBLE THE REWARDS.Trévo Recharged means constantly pursuing the Extraordinary Trévo Lifestyle through growing and developing your business each and every day! This means taking it upon yourself to reset your focus and energy towards reaching the next level! We have uniquely designed this promotion to truly RECHARGE you and your team, and we can’t wait to see the limitless possibilities you find when you truly commit on the Trévo opportunity!

Monthly Prizes

Throughout the promotion, Trévo will be offering opportunities to win bonus prizes! Be sure to stay up to date on these opportunities through Trévo corporate emails.

Dream Vacation

  • At the end of the promotion, the 12 people with the most new enrollments over the course of the promotion will win a luxurious getaway to Las Vegas! (Trip will take place during in the month of February 2016).
  • In order to qualify for the Las Vegas trip an individual must be one of the top 12 enrollers with minimum of 15 personal enrollments over the course of the promotion.
  • Enrolling 15 people does not qualify you for the trip. You must also be one of the top 25 enrollers.
  • Every team member is eligible to qualify for a prize each month during the promotion.
  • Free Qualifying AutoShip will carry points, but will NOT carry commissions.
  • Your AutoShip will be processed at the last distribution center at which you picked up an order.
  • Once a team member qualifies at the end of each month, he or she will receive a congratulatory email or text message with their order number. (DISCLAIMER: If you do not receive an email or text, please contact Trévo International Support at as we may have incorrect contact information for you on file).
  • Photo identification must be presented when you arrive to pick up your prize. Identification is not required if prises are shipped.
    (Note that credit or debit cards are NOT considered valid forms of identification).
  • If you are picking up prizes for any of your downline team members, each qualifying team member must email or call their local Trévo office to authorize and indicate who will pick up on their behalf. Please note that emails will only be considered valid if a reply has been received from a member of the Trévo staff.
  • ALL prizes expire on January 31, 2016.
  • The maximum amount of product one individual can earn in a single month of this promotion is: four (4) large bottles, 20 Trévo 2Go’s and 20 Quick Reference Guides.
  • DISCLAIMER: If Trévo runs out of an item during a promotion, the company holds the right to substitute a prize of equal value.