Friday, 22 May 2015

Trévo Introduces Exciting Compensation Plan Enhancements!

Effective Monday, June 1st, earning money through your Trévo business will be even easier thanks to two enhancements made to the compensation plan by company co-founders, Mark and Holli Stevens! Any Life and Health Coach who joins after June 1, 2015, will be allowed to qualify for commissions from all eight generations in their first six months with the purchase of a one-case AutoShip! Trévo's old compensation plan only allowed members to earn commissions for their first five generations with the purchase of a one-case AutoShip, but after careful review, Mr. and Mrs Stevens felt that our new members would benefit from this change in the early stages of their Trévo business! Also starting June 1, 2015, ALL Life and Health Coaches are allowed to purchase two one-case AutoShips a month and combine those to make up their two-case total! "Holli and I are always looking for new ways to support the field in their journey towards success," Trévo CEO, Mark Stevens, said. "After looking at our operation, we believe that our Life and Health Coaches can really benefit from these changes. We recognize the incredible work and effort that our members pour into this company, and we are so excited to reward them with these new enhancements."

                                            Mark Stevens CEO OF TREVO

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